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Komunitas Bluray Full HD 1080p No.1 di Indonesia

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TVIX Xdroid A1

1,850,000 IDR
Enjoy your Smart TViX ! Xroid A1 opens New Era of Smart Multimedia Tvix through integration of the-state-of-the-art Android Platform as operating system, which is widely being used for most of Innovative Digital Devices including Smart Phone and Smart TV. * Web Browser and Multi-tasking It provides full-functional Web-Browser which can be displayed on your TV screen and enable users to enjoy web-surfing at any time when they want. Xroid A1 natively supports Multi-Tasking with applications, so users browse internet while playing music and etc. * Universal Jukebox That Supports Most Of The Media Formats By supporting superb H264 video compression & MKV container format, you can enjoy full HD videos. On top of this, oncoming HD media backup files as well as DVD backup files are supported. It functions as a universal jukebox that allows you to enjoy videos and music of ultimate quality through full HD picture and next generation high definition audio output. It can also playback today’s high-res photos and lossless music files. *Install your favorite applications from App - Market App. Market is one of the most unique and special merit of Xroid A1, that is, via downloading your favorite Application from App. Market, users are able to create their own App-Playing Space in it, just like using Smart Phones, Wall-Paper and Application Icons can be customized as per their tastes. * Running on Android OS Smart HDTV Player with Web-Browser Install your favorite applications from App - Market Enjoy Multi-Tasking and variable widgets with Apps Unique Tvix Share Web-Remote Control by Smart Phone Innovative Cover-Art User Interface True Cinema (23.976Hz) Frame-Rate Support Next-Generation High Definition Audio Pass-thru Lossless Music File Support (FLAC/WAV) UPnP for easy connection to the Network One Click, One Touch HDD Installation without screw Date Management by NAS USB 3.0, e-SATA Host, HDMI1.3 Connect your mouse & keyboard Memory Reader for SD/MS card (Copy and Paste) Optional 802.11n WiFi-module support (usb type)