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Komunitas Bluray Full HD 1080p No.1 di Indonesia

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1. Zappiti 4K Player
2. Zappiti 4K Player Duo

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Zappiti NAS 8S RIP

35,000,000 IDR
8 trays with embeded Blu-ray player, ripping system and powerful processor for faster back-up, faster indexation and faster navigation in the movie cover list. DVD & Blu-ray Rip*. The built-in optical disc drive supports fully-automated bit-for-bit back up of your Blu-ray and DVD discs. Open the tray of the Blu-ray player. Insert your disc and this is it! Zappiti NAS do everything for you! There is nothing else to do! Once your disc is ripped and back up in the internal storage of the Zappiti NAS, it is ejected and you just have to insert another one. Back Up Two Discs Simultaneously If you want to back up 2 Blu-ray or DVD discs simultaneously, no worry! Just plug in an additional external Blu-ray drive connected via USB to your Zappiti NAS. Then you can back up your discs in pairs! Note : The backup time of a Blu-ray disc is about 25 to 40 minutes - may vary depending on the discs and the Zappiti NAS RIP version). *The "rip" function is only available on ZAPPITI NAS RIP Edition. NOTE: RIP function is working with 95% of Blu-ray discs. Indeed, the Zappiti Player 4K can only play the biggest M2TS file in the ISO structure. But on some BD ISO, the biggest M2TS is not the movie file. Technical Specifications. ● Hot-Swap: 8x Hot-Swap Tray. ● Hard Drive: 8x 3.5" SATA (not included). ● RAID: 0, 1, 5 and JBOD. ● Optical drive: Blu-ray & DVD (only available on RIP Edition). ● Ethernet: 10/100/1000 Mb/s. ● Power Supply: 250W 1U Flex/1U. ● Dimensions: 255mm x 316mm x 180mm. ● Humidity: 20%~80% / Working 0°C~40°C. ● Temperature: Storage -40°C~65°C. ● Power Supply: 100V-240V 50/60 Hz. Equivalence Capabilities: 1 x 6 To = 150 Blu-ray / 900 DVD 2 x 6 To = 300 Blu-ray / 1,800 DVD 3 x 6 To = 450 Blu-ray / 2,700 DVD 4 x 6 To = 600 Blu-ray / 3,600 DVD 5 x 6 To = 750 Blu-ray / 4,500 DVD 6 x 6 To = 900 Blu-ray / 5,400 DVD 7 x 6 To = 1,050 Blu-ray / 6,300 DVD 8 x 6 To = 1,200 Blu-ray / 7,200 DVD Multiple Zappiti NAS can be grouped to store even more movies.